1. CLINICAL FOOT REFLEXOLOGY – The Body Talks Method (150 hr) Certificate Reflexology Training. This training is exclusively taught at Branch Reflexology Institute looks at the emotions housed in the organs, glands and all parts of the body and teaches you how to speak to your client in a supportive and nurturing way. It is truly a ‘training unlike any other’. Students have commented that they are better people for having taken the training. Technique and ergonomics are as important as handholds and pressure! Thorough, supportive, and comprehensive. (CE’s for Massage Therapist: 16 per weekend- Nurses receive 14 CE’s)
  2. CLINICAL HAND REFLEXOLOGY (32 hr) Certificate Reflexology Training. This class is available to any Reflexologist holding a certificate with a minimum of 110 hours of reflexology course study. The Hand Reflexology Course focuses on technique, handholds, ergonomics, conditions with regard to carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, repetitive use challenges, specific areas for choking, referral area for injuries, glandular support techniques, relaxation techniques and much more! (CE’s for Massage Therapist: 16 per weekend-Nurses receive 14CE’s)
  3. SPA REFLEXOLOGY TRAINING (7 hr) 1-Day Training. The most common areas of congestion that most people experience. This training is for Staff that work within the Spa environment. Those in attendance learn the technique, pressure and hand-holds that provide effective relief. Certificates of Achievement are issued to those in attendance. Please contact for scheduling.

Branch Reflexology Institute is an approved provider with the NCBTMB for Massage Therapists, and Lansing Community College for Nurses.

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